Good Hope


In December 2017, South Africa was on the edge of a precipice. After 10 years of corrupt and self-serving leadership, President Jacob Zuma's term was up It was up to the ANC, the ruling party, to elect a new leader. Zuma’s preferred candidate was his former wife (which would have led to more of the same…). Instead, by a hair’s breadth Deputy President, Cyril Ramaposa was elected. 

This marked a new dawn for the country - still riven with inequality, racial tensions, unemployment and poor education. But with this new president, who’s mission it is to re-establish the rule of law, it has a chance to get back on track.

This film chart’s the country’s progress from the hope of Mandela’s ‘Rainbow Nation’ to the despair of Zuma, to the new hope brought by the next generation of South Africans determined to create a brighter future. It is an emotional roller coaster and touches on several issues with which the whole world is currently grappling: the rise of populism, xenophobia, racism, socio-economic and gender inequalities - and divisive, identity politics. 

Ultimately, it provides a message of hope. We all need hope.



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